Renovation and Remodel

New Concepts and Improvements for Existing Operating or Non-Functioning Water Walls, Negative Edge Pools, Streams, and Other Fountains

Our expert team collaborates closely with architects and builders to enhance, rebuild, and innovate water features during renovation and remodeling projects. We specialize in breathing new life into water walls, negative edge pools, streams, and various fountains, whether they are currently operational, in disrepair, or completely non-functional.


Our projects encompass a wide range of solutions, from minor repairs and equipment replacement to comprehensive overhauls. We are adept at upgrading/improving existing water features to meet and exceed the original expectations of our clients, as well as undertaking ambitious rebuilds that may involve integrating new structures within or atop existing ones. Our goal is to materialize the visions of our clients and ensure the water feature’s functionality and ease of maintenance. By recommending and incorporating advanced improvements in equipment, structural design, and lighting, we aim to deliver water features that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and easy to operate, meeting the high standards of both professionals and clients alike.


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Our rebuilding and remodeling services, include:

DesignFabricationInstallationMaintenance and Repair

Four-Story Water Wall, Olympic Tower New York City.

Renovation and Remodel Example: An Extensive rebuild of four-story water wall in New York, NY

An example of an extensive rebuilding project is a natural stone four-story water wall in the atrium of the Olympic Tower building in New York, NY. The design by MdeAS Architects.

The new water walls were fabricated in our factory, water tested, and installed on site.